Lakewood-Amedex Announces Expanded Research Collaboration With The University Of Jyvaskyla Following Promising Results Demonstrating Bisphosphocin™ Activity Against Borrelia Burgdorferi

SARASOTA, Fla., March 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Lakewood-Amedex Inc., a leading developer of novel anti-infective pharmaceuticals, announced today that it has expanded upon a research collaboration with Dr. Leona Gilbert at the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences of the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland to further characterize the activity of bisphosphocins™ against Borrelia burgdorferiB. burgdorferi is the pathogen responsible for Lyme disease, a chronic multisystem difficult to treat debilitating disease that can have long term health consequences for patients.  The reported patient population is large and growing rapidly.  The collaboration has been established to build on initial findings demonstrating the effectiveness of bisphosphocin™ Nu-3 in killing multiple life forms of B. burgdorferi.  The research collaboration is intended to fully determine the mechanism of action, characterize the bactericidal activity against the various forms of B. burgdorferi, and select a lead bisphosphocin™ candidate for potential pre-clinical development.

About Lakewood-Amedex, Inc.
Lakewood-Amedex is a privately held clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing a broad portfolio of innovative novel-approach anti-infective products in the treatment of serious infectious diseases, improving patient outcomes and significantly reducing the threat posed by antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains like MRSA, VRE, NDM-1, and biofilm strains. The Company’s products and technology are covered by an extensive patent portfolio consisting of 74 issued and 13 pending patents.  The Company’s lead product, Nu-3, a first-in-class antimicrobial, is being developed as a treatment for bacterial and fungal infections.   Lakewood-Amedex is also developing orally available ‘gene silencing’ nRNA therapeutics for the treatment of various viral indications, oncology applications, inflammatory conditions and other chronic human diseases.

About University of Jyvaskyla
The University of Jyvaskyla, Finland, is a nationally and internationally significant research university and an expert on education that focuses on human and natural sciences. The University of Jyvaskyla has 15,000 degree students, and the number of staff is 2,600. The Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences offers high-quality teaching and is founded on excellent research activities.  Dr. Leona Gilbert Research Group, a part of Cell and Molecular Biology in the Department of Biological and Environmental Science, provides teaching and undertakes research in a field bordering with biochemistry, chemistry, biotechnology, molecular and cell biology and nano-science. The main focus of Dr. Leona Gilbert’s Research Group is to “Understanding Microbial Effectors that Contribute to Chronic Diseases”. This research group provides a framework for the analysis of a common adverse viral / bacterial infection and its contribution to chronic autoimmune diseases

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