Kanneganti Murthy, PhD

Head of Preclinical Development

Kanneganti Murthy

Dr. Murthy is a veteran molecular biologist and biochemist, with more than 20 years of experience and accomplishments in all phases of drug discovery and preclinical development from the identification of therapeutic targets, pharmacological profiling, and the progression of compounds through development.


Dr. Murthy joined Lakewood-Amedex in 2021 as Head of Preclinical Sciences. Recently, he served as Senior Director of Biology at Radikal/Salzman Group and was responsible for overseeing biology and preclinical efforts in the development of small molecules, peptides, and proteins.


Dr. Murthy managed several preclinical programs to treat lung inhalation toxicity (antioxidants), multiple sclerosis (CXCL11), glaucoma (K-ATP channel modulator), and vitiligo (HSP70i). Before joining Radikal, he served as Director of Biology at Inotek Pharmaceuticals Corporation.


Dr. Murthy produced and patented novel broad-spectrum anti-flagellin human monoclonal antibodies to treat infectious diseases and led the Company’s poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase biology program, culminating in a multi-hundred-million-dollar strategic partnership with Genentech. His research efforts formed the basis for more than ten clinical programs. Dr. Murthy joined Inotek after a postdoctoral fellowship at Columbia University, New York.